Buddhist Wedding Prices at USD 1.350++
Buddhist wedding in Bali should be perform at Vihara and lead by the Pandita or Buddhist Monk. Marriage by Buddhist blessing in Bali will get certificate from Buddhist Society called WALUBI which is only required for copy passport and copy of birth certificate as registration. Buddist wedding at Vihara Bali beginning by asking the blessing from four faces Buddha, Tri Ratna at Vihara in Bali followed by wedding blessing.

Inclusive of:

  • Detailed explanation of all aspects of wedding procession with questions / comments via email or telephone
  • Detailed plan of wedding procession
  • Pandita/ Buddhist Monk with the Blessing ceremony at Buddhist templ
  • Donation to the Buddhist Temple
  • Fruit, Flower, Incense, Candle and other ceremonial offering for ceremony
  • Religious certificate of marriage from the Buddhist Temple
  • Document processing to WALUBI
  • Full Wedding coordinator assistant and service:
  • Arrival meeting service with Bali Home Wedding to answer questions and familiarize with schedule and liturgy
  • Meeting at hotel and Buddhist temple (if required)
  • Wedding day presence to ensure smooth procession and handle guests
  • Ceremony perform in English
  • 2 (two) little girls with Balinese costume as your flower girls
  • Basket of Red Roses petal shower
  • Photograph during ceremony  &  file edit & master by DVD/ flash Disk

Terms & Conditions :

  • The above price are excluding Embassy letter CNI ( Certficate of No Impediment ), Venue/Accommodation (Hotel,Villa, etc ), Decoration ( Ceremony and Reception ), Food & Beverages, Sound system, etc and subject 21% Tax & Services Charges
  • Legal Ceremony with additional cost USD 350++

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