A baptism certificate is an absolute requirement in a series of formal or legal wedding processions in Indonesia that must begin with a religious ritual, church or priest and a civil registry will ask for a copy of the baptism certificate

The baptismal program can be held the day before the wedding or at least 2-3 hours before the wedding ceremony takes place, all depending on the density of the bride’s event. The priest will begin with interviews and training of the bride and groom on the matter of religion

Baptism is a Christian tradition and ritual that is performed from infants, which is also sometimes called Christening. It is a rite of admission in to the Christian Church through the use of water, just as Jesus Christ was baptized in the River Jordan. In some religious order, baptism is also a type of sacred indoctrination where certain practices are observed. It is believed that it is a must if a person wants to be saved after death.

The details of the ceremony of baptism vary from one group to another but there are some common rites that are followed. Typically, parents and their chosen godparents bring the child to their priest or minister who then pours water on the child’s forehead. Some religious denominations sprinkle water. Some of those to be baptized are partially or fully immersed in water and was the practice depicted in many early Christian art. And even though it is not required for the baptismal ceremony, many parents send out baptism invitations (try our friends at Greeting Card Universe)

During the ceremony the parents and godparents vow to be a good influence on the child and the godparents are also meant to stand as second parents to the child and care for him or her in case something bad happens to the parents. They each also carry a lighted candle all throughout the baptismal rites.

A baptismal certificate is also a standard during the ceremony. This is signed by the officiating minister or priest and serves as an official document and record of the time and date of baptism, as well as something to keep as a memento for the parents.

PRICES USD 350++ per person Or USD 675++/ couple



  • Priest Fee
  • Baptism Certificate
  • Document Processing

Christian Protectant  Baptist Document Requirements

  • The behavior and / or understanding of the teaching is in accordance with the Word of God
  • Has completed catechism in the Church
  • A letter of statement that you want to be baptized on your own accord without coercion from any party
  • Passport photo 3 × 4 (3 sheets)
  • 4 × 6 photograph (1 sheet)
  • Passport photo 2 × 3 (1 sheet)
  • Photocopy of birth certificate

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