Tea Pai is one of the tea drinking traditions found in traditional Chinese weddings to honor elders. In some areas, the tradition of serving this tea can be different, depending on the customs of each.

Generally, Tea Pai is held in the morning or afternoon before the wedding blessing procession at the place of worship. In the Tea Pai tradition, the parents’ prayers and hopes are stored so that the bride and groom will live happily. The brother of the bride and groom who is not married is not allowed to join the Tea Pai event. This also applies to the younger siblings of the bride’s family who are married.

The Tea Pai procession is very simple. A person who has been appointed beforehand brings a small tray containing two small cups of tea to the groom, if the family being served is the bride’s party. Then the groom takes the cups one by one from the tray and gives them to the family while mentioning the status of the person, such as father, mother, aunt, and others. Conversely, if the family that is served is the groom’s party, then the one who serves the cup is the bride.

After the family they served finished drinking the tea, the groom took the cup back. As a thank you, the family usually gives gifts in the form of money in red angpao or jewelry.

If the family gives angpao, the groom can immediately pocket it. Meanwhile, if the gift is in the form of jewelry, it will be directly imposed on the bride and groom.

Regarding gifts or gifts at weddings, in ancient times usually gave expensive cloth, wine or wine, household appliances and others. However, as the times evolved, now invited guests only give angpao as a simpler method.


  • 2 chairs with red sash 
  • 1 set of cups and a teapot along with a tray for holding it with tea
  • 1a bowl or tray for rinsing the shells
  • 1 staff person to help the bride and groom prepare tea into a cup.
  • Fruits Basket (on  season)
  • Shuang-Xi background with Flower
  • 2 standing flowers

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